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A Nursery Inspired By A song

Hello!  Today is my third post in a series of concept boards I plan to share with my readers.  The idea behind them is that a design for a physical space can be inspired by sound.  Long before I ever went to design school, I designed a few of my own rooms inspired by the mood that my favorite songs made me feel.  The result was that I created some of the most soothing and moody spaces I’ve ever designed.  I wanted to bring back the process and test it out with my post design-school skills.  I’d love some reader feedback!

This space is for my close friend Kate, who requested a space inspired by the song “Beautiful” by India Arie.  Here is the song:

To me, this song calls for an ethereal, serene space.  I wanted to incorporate a soft, calming color palette of white, beige, gray and blue. I gravitated toward soft textures and furniture with a relaxed, lived in feel.  Here is my concept board for the space:

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