Mackenzie Collier Featured Interior Designer on Half Hour Intern Podcast by Mackenzie Collier

Design is a visual language... Everything kind of has an emotional attachment to it, so understanding what that means and how to manipulate all of that to create an experience for someone is what we study.

Ever been curious about the ins and outs of the interior design world, or what it means to be an interior designer? Check out Mackenzie's recent interview on Half Hour Intern, a podcast that explores the interesting paths people take in life, and why and how they take them. 

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15 Interior Design Products To Get You Through the Dog Days of Summer by Mackenzie Collier

Fun, functional, and stylish: these 15 products are guaranteed to make your summer a little more bearable. 

West Elm Jardine Expandable Dining Set

Jardine Expandable Dining Set

Take your backyard parties to the next level with this versatile, weather-resistant dining set! Made from sustainably sourced wood, this picnic-perfect table has a "rugged, driftwood-inspired finish that feels cured by sun and salty air." The set comes with an expandable table and six chairs, which makes it great for outdoor entertaining! 

Urban Outfitters Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit

Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit

When you are having an identity crisis about the fact that your keg tapping days are over and you're more excited about Pinterest-worthy party details, this fun little accessory will help bridge the gap. Plus, when you're trying to beat the heat, you may as well have a fruity drink in hand.


Outdoor Throw Pillows

A colorful set of outdoor pillows are an inexpensive way to refresh your exterior decor. We love the Golden Girls vibe of this bright palm pattern. Pair it with the structured geometric cushion for maximum effect—the modern graphic pattern will bring it right back to 2017.

Urban Outfitters Pineapple String Lights

Pineapple String Lights

Summer design is all about being playful. What's more playful than pineapple lights?

Urban Outfitters Floating LED Orb Set

Floating LED Orb Set

So maybe your clubbing days are over; that doesn't mean you can't enjoy these colorful waterproof LED party lights for your next pool party. The magical illuminating orbs only light up when floating in water!

CB2 Wind Chime.jpg

Trent Wind Chime

Sight + sound. Simple, earthy ceramic matte chimes suspended from a single jute cord. Understated style and ambiance for your terraces, balconies, patios, and gardens.

Anthropologie Canyon Fringe Hammock.jpg

Canyon Fringe Hammock

You'll be in your own personal paradise lounging in this woven, island-inspired hammock from Anthropologie. We love the way it drips with netted fringe. "Finished with braided loops for hanging, it's the perfect addition to your porch or sunroom,"—and a wonderful excuse to take a load off.

Sunday Supply Co Beach Umbrella

Sunday Supply Co. Beach Umbrella

Australia knows how to beach—these vintage-inspired beach umbrellas from Sunday Supply Co. are made for shade... "The result of a lifetime spent chasing sunny days — an exclusive selection of boutique beach essentials designed for an endless summer. Conceived by the sea, residing in the sun, these unique pieces are designed to accompany every trip to the beach and create beautiful shade. Bold patterns inspired by the world around us make each piece something special for your place in the sun." Bonus: all their umbrellas come with a matching carry bag.

West Elm All-Weather Wicker Woven Lounge Chair

All-Weather Woven Lounge Chair

This is perfect to accent a bland beige outdoor lounge! Pair it with a simple chunky stool-style side table and the frozen cocktail of your choice. You'll have an outdoor oasis in no time.

Deny Designs Summer Fresh Cornhole Set

Summer Fresh Cornhole Set

Who knew lawn game accessories could be so stylish? This cornhole set by Deny Designs has a sleek baltic birch printed top and and tapered wood legs. Feeling inspired to freshen up? DIY a set of your own!

Crate and Barrel Allta Indoor-Outdoor Rug

Allta Multicolor Indoor/Outdoor Rug

For high-traffic houses, durable indoor/outdoor rugs are essential—especially during the summer, when muddy feet abound. This multi-color, basket-weave floor covering adds a nice graphic layer to a space while holding up to the elements.

Anthropologie Cabana Round Beach Towel.jpg

Cabana Round Beach Towel

A stylish and functional pool or seaside essential! This plush towel comes from a line of beach and bathware by Kassatex. "Crafted from super soft cotton velour and adorned with hand-knotted tassels for a boho chic look, our Cabana Round Beach towel is all you need for your beach escapade."

Terrain Blossom Soy Citronella Candle

Blossom Citronella Candle

Bugs be gone! Late summer evenings are much more enjoyable when the insects buzz off. These hand-poured soy-based candles come in cute containers and soften bug-repellent citronella with notes of jasmine, hibiscus, and subtle peach.

Terrain Madison James Flyaway Sticks

Orange Oil Flyaway Sticks 

Use these citrusy sticks in addition to the citronella candles to keep your outdoor dinner parties and afternoon barbecues extra bug-free. Non-toxic orange oil naturally keeps bugs at bay without harming local populations of bees.

Urban Outfitters Moxi Leather Roller Skates

Moxi Leather Roller Skates

Because why not?

Color Me Impressed—New Trends in Interior Design by Mackenzie Collier

Image: Anthropologie

Image: Anthropologie

For a few years now, a crisp white background with color or neutrals layered over it (very Scandinavian) has been all the rage in interior design. I still adore this more minimal scheme, but lately, I'm noticing a shift toward something a little more unconventional—a sort of late '60s/early '70s French bohemian palette—and I am totally digging it.


Marine Blue
Forest Green
Cornflower blue

Poppy Red
Blush Pink
Hunter green

Image: Jen Peters

Image: Jen Peters

At first glance, the colors may seem to be paired somewhat haphazardly, but on closer inspection, they truly compliment one other quite nicely. It kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland honestly—and it’s rad.

Typically, we associate certain colors with specific seasons, but this look combines them all and pulls it off really well. The pinks and oranges keep the look cheerful, while the blues and greens ground the palette. The mustard keeps it optimistic.

The palette can be used for anything from a really bold, boho hippy look to a more restrained classic French look, and it works well with both. The key is to balance the solid colors with the patterns, keeping more than 50% of the surfaces solid. The more patterns you layer, the more psychedelic the look will feel. More restrained patterns and tailored silhouettes will give it a more classic look.

If you're going for the folksy beatnik vibe, pair it with rich neutral textures. Or forego neutrals altogether and use saturated earth tones in their place. For a richer, more rock 'n' roll look, throw in some black, burgundy, or dark plum. I really like to incorporate faded black (anything with a “folk” vibe will work great) to ground the color scheme and make it a little more dramatic. Then, I'll pair it with rough, natural wood and vintage hand-carved accent pieces. Aged brass goes really well too!

Images: Anthropologie

Images: Anthropologie

Anthropologie is really honed in on this look right now, and Jonathan Adler has some cool pieces as well. For the cost conscious, World Market and Target both have a lot of great products out right now.

"Community By Design" Article – Stellar Day Magazine by Mackenzie Collier

Mackenzie here! Recently, my friend Jess asked if I would contribute a piece in the latest issue of Stellar Day Magazine, an online magazine & blog that is designed and created to encourage and inspire women. This month's theme is Community, a topic which really resonates with me at this point in my life, so I was happy to oblige! I've lived in several cities across the globe, and downtown Phoenix has one of the most tight-knit and supportive communities I've been ever been part of. Check it out below!


Phoenix Local Love by Mackenzie Collier

Phoenix's Finest...

We here at Mackenzie Collier Interiors are big fans of our city. The people, the businesses, the architecture, the landscape—Phoenix has got it going on. Earlier this month, we decided to dedicate one day a week to showcasing someone or something awesome in our community, and thus "Local Love Tuesday" was born! Find our features on Instagram with the hashtag #LLTuesday (like LL Cool J! Am I the only one who thinks this is funny?). Check out our latest roundup...


Image: SlabHaus

Image: SlabHaus

Image: Dwell

Image: Dwell

Focusing on timeless design fundamentals, SlabHaus crafts one-of-a-kind concrete pieces that inspire and compliment the individuality of every client. From the boardroom to the living room, kitchen, bath, and even the bedroom, SlabHaus’ concrete artistry has the ability to transform spaces and add that element of individuality and character.

Brandon Boetto of SlabHaus is a friend and PHX local who makes killer custom concrete products that serve as functional art pieces. They are seriously cool. Check out his hand-crafted products—sinks, countertops, furniture, and more—on Instagram: @slabhaus

Frances Vintage

Georganne Bryant opened Frances, affectionately named after her grandmother, in the heart of midtown Phoenix in 2006. She personally curates Frances’ revered blend of unique clothing, jewelry, paper goods and handmade gifts. Georganne is dedicated to collaborations with other local businesses to enrich the Phoenix community.

If you need a unique gift or something extra special for your home, Frances Vintage [located at Camelback and Central] is the perfect place to find it. Georganne is queen bee of badass lady-bosses, and the selection of goods she's curated is too adorable. Check out @francesvintage on Instagram!

Adam Rabbit Jewelry

Image: Etsy

Image: Etsy

Image: Adam Rabbit
Adam Rabbit is a collection of modern jewelry inspired by love, magic, and adventure using raw crystals and minerals... The name Adam Rabbit, came from my cat and my long lost search for my favorite stuffed rabbit. He was last seen on Lake Michigan in 1996. 

Phoenix local Ashley Pasquan, creator of Adam Rabbit, makes some killer (and super affordable!) raw crystal jewelry. There are so many cute pieces, it's sometimes hard to choose which ones to get! Fortunately, she has a solution for that—the Golden Rabbit Club subscription delivers a surprise item from the store each month for three months (check her Etsy shop in June to sign up for the next round!). Instagram: @adamrabbitjewelry