Voyage Phoenix Magazine Features Mackenzie Collier Interiors by Mackenzie Collier

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Mackenzie here! Last month, Voyage Phoenix Magazine interviewed me for a local feature, and the article is live on their site!

Make sure to check out the article here: Voyage Phoenix

I wanted to take the time to thank Voyage Phoenix for the write-up and getting to know my story and how my business has evolved over the years. Hope you guys enjoy!

Interior Designer Chats: Trends, Faux Pas, and the Ideal Home by Mackenzie Collier

Hey guys! I recently spoke with Phoenix-based multi-housing rehab studio Nuviro for their Interior Designer Chats series—check out the interview here! Learn about my favorite things, get some home advice, and find out which huge design mistake I see most often.

Mackenzie Collier Featured Interior Designer on Half Hour Intern Podcast by Mackenzie Collier

Design is a visual language... Everything kind of has an emotional attachment to it, so understanding what that means and how to manipulate all of that to create an experience for someone is what we study.

Ever been curious about the ins and outs of the interior design world, or what it means to be an interior designer? Check out Mackenzie's recent interview on Half Hour Intern, a podcast that explores the interesting paths people take in life, and why and how they take them. 

Thanks so much to Host Blake Fletcher for an awesome time! Check out all the other incredibly interesting episodes of Half Hour Intern by subscribing on iTunes and Soundcloud. And don't forget to check out their blog too!