Meet Our New Interior Design Intern! by Mackenzie Collier

MCI welcomes a new addition to our crew of merry interior designers...

Ali Interior Design Intern.jpg

Meet Ali

Hometown: Chandler, AZ
School: ASU Herberger Institute
Major: Interior Design
Minor: Sustainability—Ali is passionate about green living and loves listening to TED Talks about the environment.
Other job: Urban Outfitters
"Fashion trends follow design. For instance, ruffles and yellow are coming back in clothing, and you'll see them popping up in home goods too."
Fun fact: Ali spent a summer volunteering in Africa teaching English and helping build a school in Zanzibar.

Color: Purple
TV Show: Criminal Minds
Pet: Cinnamon the cockatiel (she whistles pretty bird!)
Design style: California casual—clean, organic, white walls and warm accents
Go-to destination: Hawaii (Ali's mom works for an airline, so she gets to travel frequently!)