Anthropologie Launches New "Weather Ready" Indoor/Outdoor Living Collection—Here's What We Love! by Mackenzie Collier

Source:  Anthropologie

Anthropologie did it again! They launched a new line that we are over the moon about and making us want to spend all our money on outdoor furniture. Forget a vacation to Asia this summer, their new "weather ready" line makes you want to cash in your plane ticket for a whole new patio collection so you can just vacay in your backyard. The new "weather ready" outdoor furniture collection is SO cute and has so many bold pieces to transform your patio. The best thing about a lot of these pieces is that they are truly versatile and can work inside and outside. 

So, before you head to the website and start adding everything to your cart, we want to show you a few of our favorite pieces so far...

Anthropologie Handcarved Lotus Indoor-Outdoor Daybed .jpeg

Handcarved Lotus Indoor/Outdoor Daybed

A handcarved traditional day bed that creates the perfect outdoor living room feeling.

Source: Anthropologie

Anthropologie Tahiti Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Chair.jpeg

Tahiti Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Chair

A hanging chair that can be posted in the backyard or in the living room for ultimate relaxation.

Source: Anthropologie 

Anthropologie Wrapped Rattan Indoor/Outdoor Bar Cart.jpeg

Wrapped Rattan Indoor/Outdoor Bar Cart

You can never go wrong with a bar cart; and that goes for outside as well. Making cocktails on this bar cart is the perfect lemon wedge on top. 

Source: Anthropologie 

Anthropologie Palmyra Indoor Outdoor Chair.jpeg

Palmyra Indoor/Outdoor Chair

Talk about ultimate poolside glamour while sitting in this chic chair. 

Source: Anthropologie

Bombatta Indoor/Outdoor Chair.jpeg

Bombatta Indoor/Outdoor Chair

Patio can't be complete without the perfect chairs to sit in while soaking in the sun. 

Source: Anthropologie

Sun Porch Pot.jpeg

Sun Porch Pot

Top it off with a couple of these glazed earthenware pots since everything is better with plants.

Source: Anthropologie

We just showed you a couple of the pieces we love from the collection, but there's so much more on their website we're dying to get our hands on. Make sure to check it out and let us know which one you like best!


Color Me Impressed—New Trends in Interior Design by Mackenzie Collier

Image: Anthropologie

Image: Anthropologie

For a few years now, a crisp white background with color or neutrals layered over it (very Scandinavian) has been all the rage in interior design. I still adore this more minimal scheme, but lately, I'm noticing a shift toward something a little more unconventional—a sort of late '60s/early '70s French bohemian palette—and I am totally digging it.


Marine Blue
Forest Green
Cornflower blue

Poppy Red
Blush Pink
Hunter green

Image:  Jen Peters

Image: Jen Peters

At first glance, the colors may seem to be paired somewhat haphazardly, but on closer inspection, they truly compliment one other quite nicely. It kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland honestly—and it’s rad.

Typically, we associate certain colors with specific seasons, but this look combines them all and pulls it off really well. The pinks and oranges keep the look cheerful, while the blues and greens ground the palette. The mustard keeps it optimistic.

The palette can be used for anything from a really bold, boho hippy look to a more restrained classic French look, and it works well with both. The key is to balance the solid colors with the patterns, keeping more than 50% of the surfaces solid. The more patterns you layer, the more psychedelic the look will feel. More restrained patterns and tailored silhouettes will give it a more classic look.

If you're going for the folksy beatnik vibe, pair it with rich neutral textures. Or forego neutrals altogether and use saturated earth tones in their place. For a richer, more rock 'n' roll look, throw in some black, burgundy, or dark plum. I really like to incorporate faded black (anything with a “folk” vibe will work great) to ground the color scheme and make it a little more dramatic. Then, I'll pair it with rough, natural wood and vintage hand-carved accent pieces. Aged brass goes really well too!

Images:  Anthropologie

Images: Anthropologie

Anthropologie is really honed in on this look right now, and Jonathan Adler has some cool pieces as well. For the cost conscious, World Market and Target both have a lot of great products out right now.