Spring 2017 Decor Roundup: Color, Pattern, & Organization by Mackenzie Collier

Spring has finally sprung, and it couldn't have come soon enough. We are more than ready for a happy refresh, and when it comes to interior decorating trends, that's what this season is all about. Here are a few things we're seeing a lot of in interior design...

Blush Pink

This Spring, we're seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. There's a new neutral in town: blush pink. The dusty hue is popping up everywhere, and that's alright by us!

Image: Urban Outfitters

Image: Urban Outfitters

Image:  West Elm

Image: West Elm

How we're using it: we love it paired with mid-to-dark greens. Or keep it simple and pretty with white and linen.

Image:  Anthropologie
Image:  Anthropologie

Bold Florals

Another interior decor trend that's blossoming is the use of florals. Large-scale, bold prints are key. If they look vintage, even better. Don't be afraid to shake up your pattern game by pairing flowery prints with fine structured patterns like stripes or pin dots. 

We're also seeing a lot of bold wallpaper choices happening in 2017, and if you're daring enough to go or it, florals are a really fun, playful way to add flare to your space. We suggest starting with a room you don't spend a whole lot of time in, like a powder or laundry room, to avoid getting sick of it too quickly.

Leave your options open when it comes to color, because later this spring, you’ll see the pastels fade into the background a bit as sunny yellow, tangerine, and aqua sneak into the mix. Combining the pastels with the brights is a big signature style of this spring and summer.

Image:  Lori Fenn

Image: Lori Fenn

Image:  Lori Fenn

Image: Lori Fenn

Image:  LUA Skincare
Image:  Lori Finn

Image: Lori Finn

One person we know who does this extremely well is our good friend Lori Fenn—her art prints and paintings are WAY cute and bring brightness and color to a room in such a fun way. Phoenix friends can see some of her work in person next month at the McKinley Club, or on the packaging of her amazing plant-powered skincare line, LUA—the bottles are super cute and totally reusable!

Spring Cleaning

By now, most of us probably know plenty of interior design "hacks" to help get your home organized. The truth is, these tips and tricks don't really get to the root of the problem. Instead, the seem to be a symptom of a bigger issue: our culture of obsessive consumption. With that in mind, we have a few bits of advice on the matter...

Pro tip #1: reframe how you think about the things in your space. Ideally, everything should serve a purpose, and you want to cut back on having multiple items that offer the same function. When you think ahead and design your space to meet your basic needs, you find more value in your belongings and less of a need to keep up the ritual of consuming and tossing. This means less time organizing and cleaning, less time searching for the things you actually need, and less time stressing about the clutter.  

Consider, for instance, how many pieces or sets of dinnerware are on the shelves or in storage. A family's kitchen cabinet really only needs 8 plates, 8 cups, 8 bowls max; a couple could get by with four of each. How many cooking utensils, pots & pans, and small appliances are you really using regularly that you couldn't do without? How many shoes in your closet haven't seen pavement in six months? How many half-used hair products and random toiletries do you need to keep up your routine? Ask yourself (more than once!), "Is this essential?" Try taking a backpacking approach to your home, and you'll start to see your lifestyle simplify.

Pro tip #2: take 15 or so minutes a day and just put everything back where it goes. If each item has a designated home, this will be a lot easier. If something doesn't fit or look good, figure out how you can make do without it. This will keep the mess (and stress) from compiling.


So, those are our top Spring tips and trends! Comment below and let us know what else you're digging right now.