Tips on Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall by Mackenzie Collier

Source: Framebridge/Leslee Mitchell

Source: Framebridge/Leslee Mitchell

Gallery walls are always a hit and is something that can help show more of your personality in your home. They can bring so much life to a boring wall in and transform the space completely. They can be as big or small as you want and can range from any color or style—whichever suits your space and personality. 

Now, we can all agree about how much we like them, but putting one together can seem like a hard task; one that might get you discouraged. Don't back out now, keep reading! We're going to give you a few tips on creating the perfect gallery wall that complements and adds to your ideal space! 

Monochromatic themed gallery wall.jpeg

1. Plan out your purpose



Maybe you want to fill a boring blank wall. Maybe you have a few pictures you love but you don't know what to do with them. Maybe you just want a gallery wall since they're fun and cute. Whatever the reason is, make sure you plan out your purpose or the story you want your gallery wall to tell. Do you want it have a certain style or color theme? Think it out, brainstorm, get inspired, and most of all have fun with it.

Source: Domino

Pretty Artsy Gallery Wall.jpg

2. Choose art that you love

This should go without saying, but it's still something we felt was important to add. If a picture goes with your theme but you kind of hate it, don't add it to your gallery wall! The best thing about a gallery wall is that it can be eclectic and incorporate a bunch of different things you love—just make sure it's something you actually love, not something you think you should love!

Source:Elle (Sweden)

Unique Gallery Wall.png

Figure out your ideal size and space 

First thing's first: pick out the perfect spot in your home for your gallery wall. Try getting creative and use spots you wouldn't normally think of like stairways and corners. Once that's covered, it's all about the ideal size you want for your gallery wall. Sizing all has to do with the space you have to work with, your style, and the number of items you have to contribute. Do you want a bold gallery wall with just a couple of big items or do you want a bigger one that's a little more spread out with numerous pictures and pieces to add? Make sure to make good use of your planned space while considering style and budget.

Source: Inside Out

Planning of Gallery Wall.png

4. Plan and measure

Planning out your gallery wall is key for creating the perfect one. Lay out all your frames on the floor and see which color and styles you believe to be complimentary of each other. This gives you an idea of how you want to arrange your pictures based on their individual style. Next step is to get butcher paper to trace the frames and arrange it on the wall to make sure everything is perfect before you start drilling or command stripping. 


Source: Momtastic

Arranging Gallery Wall.jpg
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5. Work your way out 

Starting in the middle and working your way out is a great way to anchor your collection. A good tip is to start with your boldest, biggest, or favorite piece and then add all the other pictures around it. This makes it easier for planning since you are drawing a lot of your inspiration from your favorite piece or one that sticks out the most. Try to not be symmetrical and use an odd number of frames or items—nothing's perfect and that makes it fun!


Source: Mor Til Mernee


Alternative items in Gallery Wall.jpg

6. Don't forget the alternatives

Last but not least, don't forget about all the other items you can use to create your ideal gallery wall. There is so much to choose from: mirrors, clocks, plants, macrame, decorative objects, baskets—you name it. This is an expression of you and what you love so make sure to show that in any way possible. 


Source: Love Chic Living

Easy enough, right? Don't forget to have fun with it and comment to let us know what has worked for you! 


March Design Favorites Round Up by Mackenzie Collier

Source:  Anthropologie

March came and went, which was a good thing here in the MCI office since we were super busy, producing fresh designs left and right! This month, we also introduced a new design service called Room Service—which has been pretty fun and exciting. March was great for design, and we're so excited to move forward and spring into April. 

Of course, like always, we end the month with a roundup of a few of our favorite things, which we featured each Friday on our Instagram

Anthropologie Tulip Chair 

This gold velvet tulip chair was our first Friday Fave for spring, and it couldn't have been a better choice! This chair from Anthro is a biomorphic design piece, which means it draws inspiration from natural patterns and organisms. We also love how it's a vintage inspired piece from the 40s, and you can customize it to whichever color and/or fabric you feel works best for your space. 

Source: Anthropologie

Caressi Colours Kitchen Taps

These fun stainless steel kitchen taps are so fun and a great way to brighten any kitchen without completely conforming to one specific color. These taps come in 12 different colors, which makes it even harder to choose!

Source: Caressi

FLOR Palm Reader Rug

Textiles are a great way to incorporate trends, and we love the use of the currently-trending palm pattern here! FLOR square tiles are perfect for any size room, and each square can be easily replaced or clean when needed. Being 100% recyclable, these are perfect for just about any home—especially those with kids! That's a sustainable design trend that we are over the moon about! 

Source: FLOR

Cathy Terepocki Ceramic Stools

These ceramic stools from Anthropologie were a favorite from Aleah, and we totally understand why. They are multipurpose and can be used as alternative seating in just about any space since they are easy to move around and can go just about anywhere. The geometric motifs and metallic accents are an added bonus. 

Source: Anthropologie

Which one of these is your fave? Comment below and let us know!

Patio Design Pieces To Get You Excited For Spring by Mackenzie Collier

Photo by  CB2

Photo by CB2

Patio furniture, it's definitely a big deal for a lot of people—especially those who love being outdoors. Unfortunately, we Phoenicians can't really enjoy the outdoors during the summer or we would actually melt with temperatures sometimes getting up to 115 degrees! Summers in Phoenix are brutal, and for that reason, we make sure to enjoy as much as the perfect spring weather as we can.  In this blog we decided to pick some items that are different from the norm, as well as a few budget-friendly patio design options. 

Loveseat or Sectional—Take Your Pick

Project Manager Aleah isn't really a fan of of big outdoor sectionals since she feels they restrict her design freedom and they're not always budget friendly. Mackenzie feels the exact opposite since she loves sectionals for creating a cozy living room atmosphere, but for the outdoors. However you feel, we gave examples for both your mood and budget!

Hanging Loveseat Swing

A cool piece that is an alternative for the outdoor sectional. This loveseat swing on a relaxing summer night with a glass of wine = PERFECTION.

Source: CB2

Ixtapa Loveseat

download (1).jpeg

This loveseat can also stray you away from the outdoor sectional while also giving you Mexican resort vacation vibes. 

Source: CB2

Casbah Outdoor Sectional

If you're like Mackenzie and love outdoor sectionals then this classic one from CB2 is perfect! It has a super lightweight frame so you can move it around easily and it still gives you the freedom to reconfigure it and change its shape to fit in any space (check out the main picture above). 

Source: CB2

Find Pieces that Work Indoors and Outdoors

Moveable stools or side tables are the perfect pieces that you can have in the living room as well as the patio. This will not only save you money but you can get more use out of some of your pieces which is always a plus! Whether it's a side table or a plant stand, get the most bang for your buck with multi-use pieces.

Brass Bird Side Table

We already know how much Mackenzie loves leg lamps, but leg tables are just as cool. This bird leg side table in brass is so stylish it can be perfect in the living room but just as cool outside on the patio too! Not the ideal pick for Phoenicians in the summer since it could get a little to hot, but we're all about it for Spring.

Source: CB2

Vermut Metal Side Table

As described on CB2's website, "this side table was made for martinis", and we couldn't agree more! We love the vintage look as well as the pop of color it can add to any room—inside or out. 

Source: CB2

Plant Stands and Planters

Yes, of course plants are a must with any room, including the patio. Layering plants all over the patio is always an added bonus and we picked out some really cute planters and plant stands with reasonable prices that can work inside and outside your home.

Source: Urban Outfitters 1, 2, 3, 4

You Can Never Have Too Many Chairs

Having too much seating has never been an issue. Below we picked three different chairs that all range from simple, classic and even a little portable throwback that's a little funky and different.

Kennebunkport Teak and Wicker Basket Lounge Chair

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 2.50.10 PM.png

Simple, comfortable and stylish—what more can you ask for? Bonus, no assembly required!

Source: All Modern

Woven Malawi Chair 

download (7).jpeg

Not only do we love this chair, but we also love what it stands for. This beautiful chair is handcrafted by Malawi artisans in collaboration with CB2 and the non-profit People of the Sun to help support families of the artisans as well as preserving and celebrating a traditional craft from the region. We are ALL about it!

Source: cb2

Checkerboard Picnic Chair


This chair is just way too fun and such a retro and funky throwback to the good ol' days. Fold it up and take it to the park for a picnic or pull it out when you're hanging by the pool. It also comes in black and white if the blue and red is a little too much for you!

Source: Urban Outfitters   

Can't forget the Shade

We can't talk about patio design without talking about ways to block out our love/hate relationship with the sun. We could source a bunch of different and cute umbrellas but we wanted to share a product that's budget friendly and easy to use for multiple occasions and locations in your backyard. 

Sun Sail Shade


Umbrellas don't do very well in Phoenix so this sun sail shade is ideal for any location. It's budget friendly (under $20), lightweight and easy to move around. 

Source: Amazon  

Which pieces were your favorite? Make sure to comment below!

Room Service by MCI: A New Interior Design Package! by Mackenzie Collier

Guys—it's here. We are so excited to announce the launch of our new, made-to-order design service: Room Service by MCI!
*Cue upbeat dance music*

Great design, made to order.

Room Service is a flat-fee package that delivers a fully developed design plan to your doorstep in under two weeks. We work together to understand your design vision, then give you all the resources needed to achieve your dream space. No matter where you are in the world, we get to know you, your personal journey, and your unique style to curate a design that is exclusive to you and functional for your everyday life. You'll get complete personalization and transparency, without the hidden expenses. 

For more information and a full break down of the Room Service Package, make sure to check out our Room Service Page!

Photo by  Joanne Encarnacion  

The first delivery.

We kicked off the service with our dear friend, fitness and lifestyle blogger Joanne Encarnacion (aka GoFitJo), and it was such a delight.

Joanne and her family just moved into a beautiful mid-century double A-frame Eichler home in the San Francisco Bay Area. They've dubbed it the Highwood Haus, and it is an absolute dream! 

We wanted to create a retreat-like atmosphere for Jo and her family that fosters inspiration and creativity and cultivates a sense of wellbeing and harmony, all while honoring the Eichler aesthetic. Most importantly, we wanted to make sure to reflect the vibrant family that inhabits the space!

We had so much fun designing their amazing home and are happy to say they were completely thrilled with the results! We can't wait to see their design come to life.

To stay up to date on the design process, make sure to check out @GoFitJo on Instagram! 

Photo by  Joanne Encarnacion  

Mackenzie's Mood Board by Mackenzie Collier

Photo by:  The Culture Trip

Hey guys, it's Mackenzie!
I'm changing it up this week from the normal Friday Fav blog post and pulling inspiration from my personal pinterest board. As well as producing really awesome designs, I am planning a trip to Bali and I can't wait to get even more inspired by the beauty of Indonesia. I can't talk about my Pinterest without showing at least one of the beautiful pictures of what I I plan to be immersed in this Summer!

Now that my obsession of going to Bali is out of the way, we can focus our attention back on interior design and various products and ideas I am all about right now!

f2afd37baefcebf5567d21c96b1ffaff (1).jpg

Serene kitchen dreams.

The serene green blue cabinets paired with the marble backsplash creates the ultimate calm and peaceful kitchen. Also love the blank cabinets with no ornaments—super calming.

Photo by: My Living


Giant cactus in the living room, yes.

Live in the desert and still can't get enough of cacti! Placing an oversized potted cactus in the living room is the perfect way to bring a little bit of what we love about the outside, inside. 

Photo by: SF Girl by Bay


Bring a little bit of Morocco in your home.

This cool, coastal, moroccan style dresser is definitely understated and set perfectly with the white walls and warm wood chair and picture frame. Navy, white and warm wood pairs so perfectly together!

Photo and dresser by: Anthropologie 


Ditch the kitchen cabinets, it's all about drawers.

Having drawers in your kitchen calls for easy access, organization, efficiency and of course, style. 

Photo by: Apartment Therapy


Bath and shelves.

Not only does this seem like the most ideal place to take a bath after a long day, but the added shelves on both sides for storage are simple and genius! Towel, bath bombs and essential oils all in arms reach...ahhhh.

Photo by: Home Made in Heaven