Lulu & Georgia Anniversary Sale on All Home Decor! by Mackenzie Collier

Lulu & Georgia is offering 25% off sitewide with code HBD—it's their best sale of the year! All rugs, furniture, accessories, bed & bath decor, lighting, gifts, and more. Even their new stuff! If you're looking for playful, pretty, fun home decor, this is a great resource.

Glamorous, bohemian chic, vintage eclectic or cutting edge, Lulu & Georgia offers a bit of shine for every personality.

Here are a few selections available now...

Wallis Swivel Chair in Dijon

Wallis Swivel Chair in Dijon

Yassmin Pendant

Yassmin Pendant

Enya Chair

Enya Chair

Opposites Pillow

Opposites Pillow

Mallory Settee

Mallory Settee

Brycee Side Table

Brycee Side Table

Briggita Chair

Briggita Chair

Aelfie Lounah Flat Weave Rug

Aelfie Lounah Flat Weave Rug

Get shopping—the sale ends soon!

Anthropologie's Fall Sale: Our Favorite Home Section Deals! by Mackenzie Collier

Limited Time: Extra 30% Off Sale Items

The design gods are shining down upon us! Anthropologie is offering an additional 30% off sale items right now! That includes room & wall decor, bedding, hardware, lighting, rugs, curtains, and kitchen & bath accessories (sadly, it does not apply to furniture). You can also get select monogram mug & glassware for $7.

We put together a small collection of our favorite sale items—get them before they're gone!

Not sure how long the sale will last, so hurry up and get to shopping!

Fashion-Forward Interiors: Rooms Designed to Match Our Favorite Outfits (Mackenzie Edition!) by Mackenzie Collier

Trends in fashion and interior design go hand in hand—just look in your closet and take note of how much your clothing coordinates with your home decor. It makes sense! Both our homes and our wardrobes are an expression of who we are; they reflect our personalities and our lifestyles. But a common issue expressed by clients is that they struggle to pinpoint what their decorating tastes are exactly. If you're not sure how to define your personal interior design style, try taking some cues from your favorite outfit...

The Inspiration

Image: ASOS

Image: ASOS

I love this laid-back version of a classic equestrian look. I grew up in Ohio showing horses, and every summer my family would go to the All American Quarter Horse Congress—the largest single breed horse show in the world. This outfit is super cute for a casual stroll around the fairgrounds. It's basically socially acceptable barn wear: the Carhartt-esque jacket, the black jodhpurs, the hunter riding boots, the preppy stripe. It's sophisticated but casual—you could get away with this look at a polo match, but it's also versatile enough to wear on a day hike or a trip to the farmers market. It's a style that totally translates to my adult life.

The Interior

This room is stylish and modern, comfortable and inviting—all the same elements I love in my inspiration outfit. No frills. Nothing too trendy. The look is polished and practical. For the interior design, I chose classic, timeless materials like leather and wood; soft, durable textiles made from high-quality natural fibers; the same earth-tone color scheme; and simple, structured patterns. 

Shop the Decor...

Stay tuned for more runway-inspired rooms, Aleah's edition of Fashion-Forward Interiors is coming soon!

Interior Designer Chats: Trends, Faux Pas, and the Ideal Home by Mackenzie Collier

Hey guys! I recently spoke with Phoenix-based multi-housing rehab studio Nuviro for their Interior Designer Chats series—check out the interview here! Learn about my favorite things, get some home advice, and find out which huge design mistake I see most often.

Get the Luxe Look for Less by Mackenzie Collier

We love the classics, the high-end originals—we marvel at their fine details and clever ingenuity—but we also realize not everyone who wants a cool space to live in can spend $7500 on a lamp. (Personally, we'd rather spend our money on experiences, not necessarily on things!) If you're willing to compromise on some features, you can achieve almost any look for less. Here are a few options for awesome-looking, quality products that won't break the bank... 

DWR Cross Round Table.jpeg

This Mathew Hilton table from Design Within Reach is made of solid walnut, which sounds fancy, but solid wood has a tendency to contract and expand with the weather, making it less stable at times. This piece is 59" in diameter, while the similar piece from Article is 73" oval. Both say they seat eight, but it may be a tad crowded at this table.

Article Conan Dining Table.jpg

This piece has an ash veneer stained in a walnut finish. You wouldn't be able to refinish this piece, but veneers tend to be more stable than solid wood furniture, so it's a trade off. This piece is also a touch bigger than the DWR counterpart, making it more comfortable for 6-8 people.

RH Luke Leather Chair.jpeg

"An inspired take on the modern forms of 1970s Italian design," there's no denying this Restoration Hardware chair is a sophisticated selection. It's scaled slightly larger than the West Elm version, but both are made from top grain leather (that's the next best thing from full grain leather. Top grain leather has had the top few millimeters sanded off to eliminate imperfections).

Slightly smaller than the Restoration Hardware counterpart, this West Elm piece offers the same cool industrial style at a significantly lower price. It does, however, lack the built-in lumbar pillow. If you're in the market for a $4000 chair and want the best available, RH would be the best choice. If you are looking for something to do the trick while your kids are still in their "color on everything" phase, this West Elm chair is a great option!

Design Within Reach Kelston Sofa.jpeg

This 115" sofa by Mathew Hilton for Design Within Reach has articulating headrests, which is super cool—you can adjust them to just the right angle and height for reading or watching TV, or fold them out of the way when not in use. It's also made in Italy- hence the price tag.

CB2 uno 2-piece sectional sofa.jpeg

This piece has the same minimal yet cozy lines as the DWR piece but at a fraction of the price. This piece is made of FSC (SUSTAINABLE) kiln dried hardwood right here in the US. It's even deeper and longer than DWR version—134" wide as opposed to the DWR's 115"—so you can probably squeeze an extra friend on here. If you can live without articulating headrests, I'd save the money.


This piece is carved from a single block of sustainably harvested kiln-dried wood, which is great, but coffee tables are meant for feet and cocktails and buttery popcorn, so I'd be a tad worried about stains.

CB2 darbuka black coffee table.jpeg

I actually like this design better than the RH piece because lifting the sphere up a bit shows off the shape more. I also like the structured architectural base, it juxtaposes with the smooth sphere quite well. It's cement, so it will be really durable and you won't get ring marks from wet glasses.

DWR Serge Mouille Three-Arm Floor Lamp.jpeg

So if you're the kind of person who needs the BEST lamp available, this Serge Mouille lamp is the one for you. Its three arms swing freely in any direction so that you'll need never fear a shadow. It has elegant lines and exquisite hardware. And the price tag? Well...

Target Iris Floor Lamp - Safavieh.jpeg

This lamp by Target (pronounced Tar-zhay) may be less flexible and a bit smaller, but it still has that modern insect look to it that sets it apart from your mother's old Pottery Barn wood & linen deal.


Both of these rugs are 100% jute, handwoven, unbleached, and will inevitably shed for a while. So what makes them different? This one is woven into a latex backing, while the PB version is woven into wool. Personally, I'd prefer the wool. I think the cost difference here is simply a matter of comparing the textures (this one looks more expensive), but this chunkier version may be tougher to live with.

Pottery Barn chunky-wool-jute-rug.jpg

Pottery Barn | Chunky Wool & Jute Rug ($719)

You might compromise a bit visually on the smoother texture here, as compared with the RH version, but frankly, a thicker texture is much more difficult to keep clean, so I would opt for this one anyway! Have you ever tried to clean a spilled bowl of quinoa out of a textured jute rug? No? Oh. Err, me neither.